Who was I born to be….

A sunny winter morning welcomed me to this wonderfully wonderful world of humans….Smug in my parents hands, cuddled with the warmth of their love, little did I realize the coldness of the humans around me….

I came into the world alone—a single live embryo in the womb. Would have never agreed to share with a twin sibling!!!

And started to live my way—slept when I wanted to, sucked milk when I felt the need to and cried when I wished to. Nobody was there to stop me do what I wanted to, but thanks to the Almighty the humans around me supported me all through.

Today at the age of 13, I wonder why the world around me has changed!!! Why can’t the humans around me learn from the Almighty???

What was granted to me as my natural right has been snatched from me over these 13 years of existence. If God could trust me when I was just a minute old, and provide me with the Right to my Life, what’s the trouble with the human world!!!


Why am I being suffocated with innumerable and unasked for advice’s towards my career planning!

I should be a Doctor because that’s what my mom wanted to be, an Engineer because my Uncle has been successful one, or an Investment Banker like our neighbors daughter—why???

Can be an Engineer because I wish to be one!!!

Can’t we follow the God!!! Look He’s rationale enough, follows logic and is pretty scientific too.

Let’s follow the Almighty….We all have inherent aptitude and potential in us, and in accordance should be the Career Choices.

Career choices should be made considering an individual’s aptitude and the potential one has for the chosen career!

 Humans around me….

Let me live my life my way….

Let me decide what I was born to be….


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