About USA UnivQuest

When Children go to a Foreign Country in their adolescent years, particularly in the age-group of 16 – 19, more often than not they are confronted with complex Emotional and Cultural challenges. Such challenges can be alleviated in advance through a combined process of expert counseling and structured guidance to prepare them psychologically, culturally and socially.

In India, there is a problem of far too many Student aspirants chasing a limited number of seats for higher education in premier institutions like IITs, DU, NITs, AIIMS and AFMC.

The goal of USA UnivQuest is to enable Students who cannot be absorbed within the domestic framework due to the paucity of premier Institutions, yet otherwise have brilliant academic potential, to get into the World’s best Universities in USA; which clearly justifies academic aspirations.

In order for children to come out as winners, it is imperative that they embark upon serious preparations starting from Class IX. So we urge you to make an assessment and prepare your child right from class IX until they reach senior school.

USA UnivQuest has Programs for Students of Class IX, X, XI, XII & even XII Pass to channelize their energy towards definitive success for getting admitted in Institutions that are comparable or even better than India’s Best. USA UnivQuest not only prepares them academically but also provides them with various tools of knowledge that would help them face up to the emotional, cultural or social challenges they may face in a foreign land.

Visit www.usaunivquest.com to know about various Programs available.


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