Origin of EVT

What started as a humble beginning towards the realization of a dream that was dreamt with open eyes, a dream that knew no boundaries, a dream that was dreamt to be lived- a dream that meant building an ideal launch pad for serious IIT-JEE aspirants has over a period of two decades given Education a new approach–a new way ahead. A dream that started its journey as FIITJEE with coaching students for IIT-JEE; but with ways that were unusual. Our ways have always been driven by our aim to help students realize and reach their best. The urge to always aspire for perfection and in the process, continuously keep on setting newer benchmarks of excellence has enabled us and our students to achieve what we have achieved. The success and the faith we earned all throughout this journey is what made us grow further every moment. From FIITJEE progressing from IIT-JEE admission preparations to Integrated School Programs, FIITJEE Junior Colleges & FIITJEE World Schools; this journey made us achieve another key milestone in the form of USA UnivQuest–enabling Indian students to go to the world’s best universities in USA. FIITJEE just didn’t restrict being an Education provider but employed the experience and the expertise gained all through to widen the meaning, the scope and the purpose of Education. Along with USA UnivQuest, our family now isn’t just about Engineering students, but just Students–students from all spheres of education: Engineering, Medicine, Commerce and Humanities aspiring for Indian Universities, World’s best Universities in USA, and a lot more.

The journey’s been commendable–millions of accomplished dreams, innumerable triumphs, and winning trophies.

And all along this journey, we have also realized the flaws embedded in the Education System–the flaws that make a student dream others’ dreams. A world, where a student chooses to be an Engineer not because he wants to be but because he should be, is what FIITJEE aims to repair. It is ironical that our Education System is devoid of a Testing Pattern which tests the Aptitude & Potential of a Student. This is what fuelled the idea to conduct a Test which not only enlightens a Student about his True Aptitude but also the Potential to make a career in a particular field.

FIITJEE’s Escape Velocity Test is what we bring to the students as a solution to the chaos in the Education world.


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