Whose Career have you chosen for yourself !

Career Path

Ever wondered why almost all students around aspire to be an Engineer or a Doctor or an Investment Banker!!! Where are the kids who would wish to be Painters or Accountants?

And if you compare these most popular choices with what was looked upto a few decades back, you’ll come across the phrase ‘a job’—just a job. Career choices today are immense. But students still feel the pressure. Earlier, the concern was the lack of choices. But today, with more choices, it’s about making the right career choice in life.

We all are susceptible: our parents like to see us as those individuals who they think are successful. What they couldn’t achieve is what they wish you to accomplish. At times a responsibility, and at others just a mere inspiration. Someone is doing very well as an Architect—has wow money, superb respect and society acceptance, and this is why you wish to be an Architect.

Worst are situations when careers chosen are not for you—you are just not made for the career you chose!!! Imagine you aspired to be an Engineer and you became an Engineer with what not as efforts but somewhere during your professional journey, you realize you’re not growing because you aren’t performing, and you aren’t performing which your work doesn’t interest you! Eventually you may reflect on the career choice that you had missed. By then it will be late.

You need to know your choices. What you do today is going to reflect all your life. And it’s no rocket science. Just know your interests, identify your potential and make a career choice in accordance.

Let not a career give you an identity. Let your identity decide a career for you.

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In this process one’s career choice should be made to ensure that you excel in whatever you do in life. No matter how susceptible we are, we, however, shouldn’t allow our career choices to be tweaked or influenced by general perceptions or trends. After all, it’s your life.